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They were already being led, rather forcefully, to a table. "And I'm feeling a bit peckish," continued Ginny, opening the menu.

"There's scones, and today's special is a lovely pumpkin pie." Ginny pulled a face.

They both slammed into the wooden fence at the same time.

Harry wasn't sure who had initiated it, and frankly, he didn't care, because he was kissing Ginny. The wooden fence was actually very comfortable, Harry discovered, as it was the only thing keeping him from either collapsing entirely or floating away.

Ginny rolled her eyes and began to pick at the lace doily on the table.

Ginny joined him, giggling, earning the glares of several couples around them, including Cho and Michael.

Ron, whose “famous ginger hair appears to be thinning slightly”, runs a joke shop.

" Harry looked up from his Charms textbook to see Ron standing before him looking very serious. "Ok," responded Harry, wondering at Ron's awkward wording, and the fact that he looked so nervous. I hope it wasn't anything that serious." She grinned at Harry. He sounded like he was asking her to feel sorry for him. "That's understandable," Ginny replied; thankfully, Harry couldn't detect a note of pity in her voice. "Well, I wouldn't want to tag along." "Oh, no," said Ginny quickly. So, it could be just you and me." Then she added quickly, "If you want. "Great." "Great," agreed Harry, before they both turned back to their textbooks. His nerves, however, were nothing compared to Ron's. " Harry told Ron, after watching his best mate change robes three times, which was silly, considering they all looked the same. " "Er, Ginny." Harry winced and closed his eyes, but opened them after a few moments when the fist he was expecting never hit him. No fair, you cheated," called Ginny as she slammed into him. But since you're such as sore loser, I'll give you a head start next time." "There is no next time," said Ginny. " Harry snickered and kicked Ginny under the table. "I wonder if we tried a levitation charm on these, would it actually work, or would they just burst into flames? Chapter 3: Fun in Hogsmeade Featuring: Jealous Exes and Madame Puddifoot's, Revisited! This one is dedicated to our ship, to help compensate for certain events in OOTP. Although I'm sure it exists, it has not yet been mentioned (I don't think...). "And it's just that er I've kind of asked Hermione. The grin quickly faded when he realized what Ron was asking. "It's just Hermione." "That's easy for you to say," answered Ron, shoving Harry aside to look in the mirror.

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Ghost Lake is located on Shades of Death Road in Allamuchy Township the local legends vary - but the prevailing theme is that there was an Indian Graveyard there and settlers built a man made lake over the graveyard.

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Dern co-stars as Elizabeth Gilbert, a Texas housewife who forms an unlikely bond with Willingham and, though facing staggering odds, fights magnificently for his freedom on the basis he was wrongly convicted.